Cell phones during an emergency

Emergency Preparedness Specialist Cari Butler explains whether or not people can use cell phones in an emergency and what to do if we cannot
Cell Phone Use During An Emergency- Emergency Preparedness
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Cell phones during an emergency

One of the questions I get asked the most often is about communication. What about cell phones? What about internet? What about texting? And honestly, we don't have any idea about what's going to happen. You have to think about the fact that you are going to lose electricity and all of the phones that we have right now, cordless phones, the internet, everything is based off of electricity. And we don't know if we're going to have access to that. My suggestion is that you try everything and hope for the best. My other suggestion though is is that you call your telephone company and you ask for them to come out and install what they call a POTS line, which is plain old telephone service. That landline is going to be your best bet at communication. And then it doesn't work off of electricity; you take the phone, you plug it into the wall into the jack, and if you ever have an emergency, you call 9-1-1, your address appears immediately on the operator's phone. And that is my suggestion as far as what you do as far as communication goes.

Emergency Preparedness Specialist Cari Butler explains whether or not people can use cell phones in an emergency and what to do if we cannot


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Cari Butler

Emergency Preparedness Specialist

Cari Butler is a Westside Los Angeles mom and native Californian whose interest in Emergency Preparedness began when her daughter started school and was required to have a personal emergency kit. That raised the question: "Why shouldn't everyone have an emergency kit?" Her concern led her to thoroughly research the subject and then create her own business. She now provides consultation services for families and businesses, as well as offering the Emergency Café line of kits.

Cari’s mission is to get everyone prepared, and she has been on that mission since 2005.  She has been a guest speaker at several conferences and schools. She was asked to participate in the 100th Anniversary Earthquake Conference in San Francisco. Her client list is a virtual who’s who in Hollywood.  

Cari’s website, emergencycafe.com was just awarded the 2009 Best Safety Site by Nickelodeon Parent Choice Awards.  Emergency Café backpacks were the “IT” gift this season in the Dancing with the Stars television show gifting suite.  She is also a contributing writer and blogger on many mommy sites including Hot Moms Club, Gurumommy, Twittermoms, City Mommy and Mommy Track’d. In addition she has been featured on several TV shows and has done numerous radio spots as well.  

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