What to do during an earthquake

Emergency Preparedness Specialist Cari Butler shares advice how to protect yourself and stay safe during an earthquake
What To Do During An Earthquake - Emergency Preparedness Tips
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What to do during an earthquake

In the event of an Earthquake and you are in your home, or anywhere for that matter, make sure that the first thing that you do is get under something that will protect you. The most thing is to -- When they say, "drop, cover, and roll," that's exactly want you to do. We want you to drop, cover, meaning get under something, cover yourself, and hold on. The other important thing is to cover the back of your neck because that's where the most nerve endings are and that's where the most damage could be. The other important thing to remember is that after an Earthquake, in the next 120 seconds, there is going to be an aftershock. What we say about aftershocks are that these are Earthquakes that we know are going to happen. When you are assessing the situation, and you know you are going to be moving, make sure you realize that an aftershock is about to happen and prepare yourself for that as well. One of the biggest dangers or damages after an Earthquake are fires, for a couple of reasons. One is if the gas lines are exposed. The other is when people light candles. People think, "Oh, I've lost power. I'm going to light candles for light." We don't know when an aftershock is going to happen. We know that they will happen. Imagine having candles lit up in your home, aftershock is happening, the candles fall over and they set things on fire. Don't ever, ever, ever light a candle after an Earthquake. Everyone thinks that they should go under a doorway when they have an Earthquake. We're not recommending that happen any longer because buildings are built as strong as they used to be. The other thing is that we are thinking we are going to hold on and press our arms against the door to brace ourselves, and we forget the fact that the Earthquake would cause the door to swing back and forth and damage our fingers. We don't want to get our fingers caught in those doorjambs. Do not go under a doorway.

Emergency Preparedness Specialist Cari Butler shares advice how to protect yourself and stay safe during an earthquake


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Cari Butler

Emergency Preparedness Specialist

Cari Butler is a Westside Los Angeles mom and native Californian whose interest in Emergency Preparedness began when her daughter started school and was required to have a personal emergency kit. That raised the question: "Why shouldn't everyone have an emergency kit?" Her concern led her to thoroughly research the subject and then create her own business. She now provides consultation services for families and businesses, as well as offering the Emergency Café line of kits.

Cari’s mission is to get everyone prepared, and she has been on that mission since 2005.  She has been a guest speaker at several conferences and schools. She was asked to participate in the 100th Anniversary Earthquake Conference in San Francisco. Her client list is a virtual who’s who in Hollywood.  

Cari’s website, emergencycafe.com was just awarded the 2009 Best Safety Site by Nickelodeon Parent Choice Awards.  Emergency Café backpacks were the “IT” gift this season in the Dancing with the Stars television show gifting suite.  She is also a contributing writer and blogger on many mommy sites including Hot Moms Club, Gurumommy, Twittermoms, City Mommy and Mommy Track’d. In addition she has been featured on several TV shows and has done numerous radio spots as well.  

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