Inspiration behind getting involved with Save the Children

Learn about: Inspiration behind getting involved with Save the Children from Mark K. Shriver,...
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Inspiration behind getting involved with Save the Children

So I’ve been at Save the Children for a little over 11 years. I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s been a wonderful experience running programs all across the United States. I’ve transitioned to a newer role that’s involving our work internationally as well. I just love the fact that they’re doing great work, that they’re results-focused, that they’re making a profound impact, been making sure that’s evaluated it. Because you want to make sure that when government money is involved, or any dollars – private sector dollars, individual dollars, government dollars - that there’s a strong ROI, a strong rate of return. Because we do not just want to provide services to kids. We want to help kids enter kindergarten ready to learn. We want to make them healthier. We want to make sure they’re safe in disasters. And that’s what Save the Children does all across America and all across the world. And it’s been consistent really with the work that I’ve done coming out of college where I worked with juvenile delinquents in Baltimore City. I was in elected office for 8 years. Worked on policies that I think have a profound impact on kids’ lives. And then this is another chance. My work at Save the Children to directly impact kids, not only in America but around the world. Make sure that they’re entering kindergarten ready to learn, that they’re thriving, that they’re safe in disasters when disasters strike, either manmade or natural disasters. It’s crucial that kids, and moms in particular, that so often feel the brunt of a natural disaster or a manmade disaster, that they’re safe, that they’re taken care of, and that they’re allowed to thrive. Because so often they’re forgotten, and they’re the victims. Children and mothers in particular. And Save the Children does a great job protecting them.

Learn about: Inspiration behind getting involved with Save the Children from Mark K. Shriver,...


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Mark K. Shriver

Sr. VP, Save the Children

Mark K. Shriver is President of Save the Children Action Network, where he leads an effort to mobilize Americans to end preventable maternal, newborn and child deaths globally and to ensure that every child in the U.S. has access to high-quality early childhood education. Shriver’s career fighting for social justice in advocacy and service organizations, as well as elected office, has focused on advancing the right of every child to a safe and vibrant childhood.

Shriver joined Save the Children in 2003, serving as Senior Vice President for U.S. Programs until 2013. In that capacity, he created and oversaw the agency’s early childhood education, literacy, health, and emergency preparedness and response programs in the United States.

Shriver was a member of the Maryland House of Delegates from 1994 to 2002. In 1988, he founded the innovative Choice Program, which serves delinquent and at-risk youth through intensive, community-based counseling.

Shriver received his B.A. from The College of the Holy Cross in 1986 and a Master’s in Public Administration from Harvard University in 1993. He resides in Bethesda, Maryland with his wife and their three children.

Shriver’s New York Times and Washington Post best-selling memoir, A Good Man: Rediscovering My Father, Sargent Shriver, was published in June 2012 by Henry Holt.

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