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Pink vs. Blue: Children's Toys

Aug 12, 2013
Have you ever noticed how many aisles there are for girl toys vs. boy toys? What if your daughter wanted a transformer? What if your son wanted a baby doll? It is 2013… should gender still play a role in our kids’ lives today? Today’s toy stores are marketed directly for “Pink vs. Blue.” I recently...
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My Child Has Achieved More Than Your Child

Jul 18, 2013
By: Robert Brooks, PhD
Several weeks ago I was drawn to a piece written by Beth Teitell in The Boston Globe titled "Parents get competitive on college." When I finished reading the article I thought that perhaps a more fitting title might be: "My child has achieved more than your child" or "Boasting parents, an...
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Failure Makes You a Winner

Jun 19, 2013
“The true test of a champion is not whether he can triumph, but whether he can overcome obstacles.”—Garth Stein What quality does the Buddha share with Luke Skywalker and Joan of Arc? What links Harriet Tubman with Harry Potter? It has nothing to do with enlightenment or magic. It has to do with...
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The Trouble with "Whyyyyyyyyy?"

Jun 11, 2013
You tell your child it’s time for bed. Instead of the pitter patter of feet running up the stairs, you get “ Whyyyyyyy ?” All parents have heard it. The funny thing is, you know your child isn’t really looking for an answer. “Well, dear, your body needs sleep in order for the all the cells to grow...
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