Rejecting baby food

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Rejecting baby food

Food rejections in the toddler generally correlate to the rise of will. It is a developmental thing that happens between 9 and 12 months of age. The baby is just obligated to refuse any food that might be offered to him or brought into to quickly or close to his body. In order to get around this, it is very helpful to use behavior modification. What you want to do is refrain from asking any questions about the food at all, set the baby up with nothing at all on their tray, put the food in the middle of the table on a plate. Use mono feeding. Put the one thing on the plate that the child is refusing to eat and the one you want them to eat. Sit down, you take a bite of the food and tell them what it is you are having and then talk off topic. Watch your child, they may want the food, particularly if they are hungry. They may lean forward and extend their arm into reaching for the plate. When that happens, bring the plate to the very edge of the tray and allow the child to take the food from the plate and bring it into their little world that is inside that tray. Your feedings will begin to take off.

View Cynthia Epps, MS, IBCLC's video on Rejecting baby food...


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Cynthia Epps, MS, IBCLC

Infant Feeding Specialist

Cynthia Epps, MS, IBCLC holds a master’s degree in nutritional biochemistry and is a board certified lactation consultant in private practice in Los Angeles, California. She specializes in home and internet consults for new mother/infant couples from birth through two years of age. She covers early breastfeeding questions such as learning to trust the breast, establishing a good milk supply, sore nipples, colic and reflux; as well as “back to work” protocols for the working mother and “transitioning to solids” at six months per the American Academy of Pediatrics and World Health Organization guidelines, plus food wars and gentle weaning guidelines for the older infant. In addition, she has written for LA Family Magazine and Mothering Magazine, and leads infant feeding workshops throughout the community. With the wisdom of motherhood still largely negated or ignored, she specializes in combining ancient matriarchal traditions with modern science to help the new mother transition into the time-honored role of nurturing her baby with body and breast. She continues to pursue the goal of redefining the human infant feeding norm as breastfeeding or breastmilk for all children.

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