Making bath time a soothing experience

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Making bath time a soothing experience

A lot of infants really hate bath time, because they get so cold, and they don't like being in and out of the water. For us, it was no exception. My son really didn't like bath time at all. And so one of the things that we started doing was putting his little towel into the drier while he was in the bath. Then, right before we were about to take him out; either, my husband or I would go and get the warm towel. When he got out of the bath, we quickly wrapped him up in the warm towel. He loved it, because it was so inviting. So basically, that one tip turned a stressful time of day into one of the most coming and peaceful times of day for us.

View Lisa Pierson Weinberger's video on Making bath time a soothing experience...


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Lisa Pierson Weinberger is the founder of Mom, Esq., a legal practice dedicated to helping parents understand and maximize their maternity leave benefits, have peace of mind when hiring employees in their homes, and find a good work/life balance when they return to the workplace after having a baby.  Prior to founding Mom, Esq., Lisa spent seven years working at the entertainment law firm of Greenberg Glusker working as an employment lawyer with many of Hollywood's A-List celebrities.  She counseled on matters related to large domestic staffs, advising on the hiring process, backgrounds checks, wage and hour issues, counseling, discipline and terminations, and preparing employment applications, offer letters and a variety of agreements including employment, confidentiality, arbitration, severance and release agreements. Lisa has a Bachelors in Psychology, with Honors, from Washington University in St. Louis, and a J.D. from the UCLA School of Law where she served on the UCLA Law Review.

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