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Dr. John DeGarmo is considered a leading expert in Foster Care and Parenting.  Dr. John and his wife have been parents to over 50 children, including adopting three children from the foster care system. He is the host of the weekly radio program Parent Factors with Dr. John. Find out more HERE.

As a parent of three teenagers who are in college or are ready to begin that journey, our home is often filled with the discussion of possible career paths and what college degree might be best for each path.  While all of these discussions are certainly healthy, and full of curiosity and excitement for each child, the parent in me wants to consider these discussions on another level.   College is not getting any cheaper, and in fact, some colleges and their degrees are staggeringly expensive and quite simply, out of reach for my children and my family.
Helping Your Child Through a Divorce
As the divorce rate in America continues to be high each year in the United States, marriages crumble and families are torn apart. Yet, it may be the children who suffer the most when their parents decide to end their marriage.
cyberbullying kids
Mariah was a 14 year old foster child who had been in foster care for roughly six months, when she was targeted by a cyberbully at her school.  Mariah suffered from a speech problem, due to the fact that she had not only been abused by her birth family, but severely neglected, as well.   Mariah’s self esteem was very fragile, and she had a difficult time making friends at her new school.  More than anything, the young child in foster care wanted to be liked by her peers at school, and to be loved by her parents.  Her foster parents spent hours after school, laboring in an effort at raising
My wife is a coffee drinker. For years, now, I have been making her a cup of coffee each morning, before she heads out to work.  Many times in the evening, she caps her long, exhausting day with another cup of coffee.  While my wife is Australian, she is like many Americans; she loves a good cup, she often tells me.
The look of online gaming has changed the past several years, and is becoming more and more popular each year.  Indeed, studies indicate that 97 percent of teens in the United States play online games, with 99 percent of boys vs. 94 percent of girls.  To be sure, more and more children are turning to online games for their entertainment.
One of the gifts of having an international marriage is the shared love of travel.  My wife and I met years ago, while traveling the world in the international super group Up With People, and we crossed the globe, performing to audiences in several countries, while at the same time learning about their different customs and beliefs.  Years later, I moved to Australia, where my wife was from, and spend several years there.  Since then, our family has grown with six children, and we have tried to introduce the love of travel to them, as well.
  Music was a very big part of my life growing up as a child.  In fact, I met my wife traveling the world in a song and dance performance group.  Whether it was singing, playing the piano, or studying music later on in college, music helped shape me.  Indeed, it has been something that I can take with me wherever I go, and with what ever I do.
There’s a shortage of good father figures in America, right now.
effects of cyberbullying
Effects of cyberbullying   Because of the breadth of the internet and technology today, bullying has taken on a completely new form, especially for children and young adults. Cyberbullies use technology as a medium to deliver harmful and hurtful words to a target. As adults and parents, it is important to be aware of your child's activity on the internet. This article not only covers information about cyberbullying, but also how to protect children who need it. 
Not everyone can be a foster parent.  I understand that.  It has been the hardest thing I have ever done, while at the same time, the most important and rewarding thing I have done, as well. Yet, everyone can help in some way, and there are ways you can help a child in need.  With roughly 450,000 children in foster care today, there are children who are in need of a helping hand right now.  There is a child, right now, who needs your help.  Let’s look at 10 ways you can help a child in foster care without being a foster parent.


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