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No-Cry Solution Series Author

Elizabeth Pantley is a parent educator, mother of four, and the author of the now-classic baby sleep book, The No-Cry Sleep Solution, as well as six other books in the series, including The No-Cry Separation Anxiety SolutionThe No-Cry Potty Training SolutionThe No-Cry Discipline Solution, The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution, plus other successful parenting books. She is known worldwide as the practical, reasonable voice of respectful parenting.

Encourage Daily Naps
By Elizabeth Pantley, Author of The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Newborns
  Is there anything more exasperating than dealing with temper tantrum? Is there anything that makes you feel more helpless than watching your tiny child scream, kick and lose control, and being unable to stop his distress? It may be less baffling if you learn where these emotions originate.  
Can My Child take Care of a Pet?
  Children can benefit from having a pet in the house, and pets can add a layer of joy to the family.
kids have fear of the dark
Does she think monsters are going to get her when the lights go out? This can make bedtime particularly unsettling.
how to Stop Tantrums
There are times when you can prevent a child from losing control of his emotions, and ward off tantrums before they even begin. If you modify the situation that leads up to a meltdown you can keep your child calm and happy. Here are some tips to preserve the peace:  
Parenting Myths
As if it isn't challenging enough to raise children, most parents believe myths that make them feel confused and inadequate. These horrible myths can spoil the joy of raising your children. You may have never realized how intensely these beliefs affect you, but they do. After you identify the myths that color your daily life, learn the truth about each one. By acknowledging that these myths exist in your life, you take the first step towards eliminating them. Learning the truth will erase your doubts and leave you open to learning effective new ways of raising your children.


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