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Parenting expert Amy McCready is the author of The “Me, Me, Me” Epidemic (Tarcher) and the Founder of Positive Parenting Solutions. She is also the author of If I Have to Tell You One More Time (Tarcher, 2011). A champion of positive parenting techniques for happier families and well-behaved kids, she reaches a worldwide audience with her Positive Parenting Solutions Online parenting course, web and print articles, live webinars, and media appearances. Amy is a frequent guest on the TODAY show and has also appeared on Rachael Ray, CNN, Fox & Friends, MSNBC, and elsewhere. She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband and two sons. Learn more here.

Here’s a gem of a question I hear weekly:  Should I pay my kids to do chores?  It doesn’t sound like a hard question to answer on the surface, right?  But what I’ve found is the topic is touchy and frustrating for a lot of parents.  The general consensus I hear is, “I get paid to work, so I should pay my kids to work around the house.”  Sure, that makes sense intellectually, but in real life? Not so much. 
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