The best way to treat eczema in children

Dermatologist Karyn Grossman, MD, shares advice for parents on the best method and products to treat your child's eczema from home
Eczema In Children - The Best Way To Treat Your Child's Eczema
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The best way to treat eczema in children


Eczema can be very annoying problem for both children and parent for like. Mild eczema can easily often be treated at home or by your pediatrician, but basic good skin care is crucial in the management of eczema. This involved bathing in lukewarm water, not hot and not cold, and bathroom showers should be limited to about 5 to 10 minutes at the most. You shouldn’t use regular soap in the shower. You should use the gentle cleanser such as cetaphil or cerave. You want to use it at the very last part and clean only the dirty areas, their armpit, their groin or any mud or any other things that your kid may have gotten on them. You don’t need to wash on the normal skin that they have. After they get out of the bathroom or the shower, the skin should be pat dry gently, and a really good moisturizer should be applied to damage skin. Some of my favorites include Aquaphor, Aveeno Eczema Relief cream, Shea butter, coconut oil, even Cresco All-Vegetable Shortening can all provide really good rich moisturization for your child. It’s very important to stay away from fancy products that have a lot of natural ingredients or fragrances because these can actually irritate of the child with eczema. If this doesn’t help, you probably need to see your dermatologist, so that they can provide either prescription anti-inflammatories or steroids for your child, but this needs to be monitored closely to make sure that they don’t develop side effects. There are few things that you can do around the house to help them also. Make sure to wash their clothes, sheets and towels in laundry detergent that is fragrant and dye free. Also in the drier, you should stay away from drier sheets, but you can use this a little pointy balls that help to keep the clothes, the sheets and the towels soft. You also want to play a humidifier in the child’s bedroom and any other areas such as family room in which they’re frequently located.

Dermatologist Karyn Grossman, MD, shares advice for parents on the best method and products to treat your child's eczema from home


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Karyn Grossman, MD


Karyn Grossman, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist specializing in cosmetic dermatology in Santa Monica, CA and New York City. Her offices are "home" to thousands of elite patients with the highest of standards. Dr. Grossman attended a highly competitive, accelerated six-year premedical and medical program at Boston University and completed her residency and fellowship at Harvard University. Dr. Grossman has been featured in many broadcast and print media outlets to provide consumers expert information on cosmetic procedures, skin care and sun protection. Some television appearances include The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, The Today Show, The View, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, the Martha Stewart Show, and The Doctors. She has been listed as one of the top cosmetic surgeons by Town & Country, Vogue, C Magazine, More Magazine, The New York Times, and L.A. Confidential. 

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