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Abuses and its effects

Posted April 29, 2017 - 12:32am

Hey all,
Abuses, both physical and emotional are difficult to deal with, especially in the case of children. Children are always influenced by the things they are observed in their surroundings. According to the study, abuses can hold back the child's mental development. It will also increase the risk of behavioral problems and some physical problems as well. Recently I happened to read an article related to the same, which explains how emotional abuse causes hearing impairment in children. It can also lead the child to severe depression, difficulty in sleeping, academic problems, dissociations, etc. There are so many other problems which would arise as an effect of abuses.

I think, better awareness and counseling can help to avoid such situations. Awareness should start from the beginning itself. Prevention is always better than cure. We should train our children how to deal with abuses.

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