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Aha! I get it!

Posted January 26, 2013 - 4:24pm
This explains the difference in boys and girls - drastic differences.

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I think Michael Gurien is really on to something. I love all of his videos and came away feeling like our schools are not really serving our boys. So many boys are being disciplined and medicated to sit still and behave when they just aren't cut out for that! Bravo to the Gurian institute for training teachers and schools to meet the needs of a boys brain!


I found it really interesting to see how these differences affected driving skills. My daughter is learning how to drive right now, and I'm so glad I saw this first. Fascinating to discover that the differences between boys and girls can have such consequences. If your kids are learning to drive, definitely check this out! 

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That's a great point. When I taught my kids how to drive, I definitely noticed a difference in their driving styles. 


I remember when my twin brother and I were learning to drive and his insurance was more expensive than mine and then it turned out to be ME who got in an accident (not my fault!) but just funny how things work out haha


Michael Gurian has so many great videos on the differences between boys and girls. This one is especially interesting. 


hahah yeah well I proved everyone right, I backed my Mom's SUV right into another car a month after getting my learner's permit :P


My daughter did the same thing! It's more of a new driver thing than a gender thing