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Any advice on making 7th grade Math fun?

Posted September 2, 2015 - 6:23pm

I homeschool my son who is now in 7th. He hates Math. I have to admit that it also isn't one of my favorite subjects. Does any one else homeschool? How do you make Math more fun? If you don't homeschool, maybe you still have some tips? I would love to hear them!

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I don't homeschool--but Math seems to be abundant in everything. Perhaps cooking with him? Building something. Anything he loves that you can incorporate math into--show him how prevelant math is in the everyday world.


thanks...we have tried cooking...but building may be a great idea. :) He would like that..he used to want to  be an architect. 

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I do not homeschool but I would say try and make it fun by incorporating in things he likes. I think he should probably be learning Algebra in 7th grade if I remember. I loved Alegebra and all math so it was fun to me. I am blessed with the math gene. A lot of people get intimidated with it but I always looked at it like a puzzle with a code to crack. Speakin of which does he like coding. That skill is so essential and he will have a great future if he gets into that. There are places like codecademy that he can learn for free to code and it is interactive and fun. I just love it!  That is all I have right now.  LOL


yes, thanks and yes it is Algebra...which he doesn't hate as much as earlier math.  Yes, he also likes coding. LOL...thank you!


Hi there are some fun online sites that could help make math more fun. Well IXL is excellent for skill development and practice but there is and other sites where there are activities by grades. They have interactive age appropriate activities. Good luck to you!


Thanks! He did like IXL for awhile but then didn't like it anymore..he can be particular about online math games. I like IXL but will have to see what other online math sites there are.