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Any ideas on how to do Christmas on a budget?

Posted November 26, 2013 - 1:39pm
I'm a little short on cash this year and I know the Holiday's are about spending time with family and being appreciative of what you have, but I'd like to do something nice for my 2 kids, any ideas on budget-friendly gifts/crafts? Maybe something I can do with them?
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You can hand make a coupon describing the activity and wrap it up like a present so they get the "opening" experience. Some cool activities are: making/decorating a gingerbread house, hand making tree ornaments, making a memory book with photos and memorabilia; basically co-creating a scrapbook of the year, going ice-skating, making hot chocolate or apple cider and sitting in a circle and doing a "gratitude circle" where each person goes around in a circle saying what they are grateful for. It can also be fun to do "portrait partners" where you sit knee to knee, each with a pen and paper and draw each other. The drawings are often hilarious, but the act of sitting really looking at each other can be amazing. :-)


Baking cookies, gingerbread of our traditions is going out and looking at decorated houses..but we have a neighborhood that goes all out on decorations so it has been a tradition for years. I like the idea of coupon books too.