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Any suggestions on how to get your child to eat more veggies?

Posted October 1, 2015 - 8:16pm

My son seems to eat very little veggies...except for carrots. He as much better about eating them when he was younger. Any helpful tips? Even hiding them in foods isn't easy..he seems to taste them and won't eat much.

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Mommy Ramblings

I would say just not to force the issue but try new things and tell him to just try one bite. Also what about dips they might help and then there is always that sneaky chef stuff.


Thanks! Sneaky Chef didn't help much...maybe because he saw the book. But, maybe dips...


Maybe a zucchini bread or pumpkin muffins? Jessica Seinfeld wrote a great cookbook called Deceptively Delicious and each recipe is full of veggies and the kids don't even know it.


I will have to look into that book...yes, zucchini break works. :) For some reason...he doesn't like pumpkin. :( 

Frugal Minded M...

I actually picked up this book at a Library Resale for $1.  I didn't get it because my kids don't eat veggies, but because my hubbby needs to eat more.  I'm lucky in that my kids are willing to try pretty much anything.


I have heard so many great things about Jessica Seinfeld's book. I appreciate you reminding me. 


Threats. Lots of threats. :) No, really, I think you can try the "try it three times rule" and agree that if they still don't like it after three times, they can try something else. In the meantime, stock up on carrots. I stick with what my girls eat without fighting me to make sure they are eating something and then try other things onces or twice a week. 


Yes, sounds good. I always have carrots handy. He used to like corn and now refuses to eat it..once in awhile I can still get him to eat  green beans..


Offer the same vegetable cooked in various ways....maybe they like it raw, pureed, sauteed, on skewers, with butter, with cheese, fried, baked, shredded, sliced, diced. Try different kiddos are crazy for purple potatoes! We have nights where we just like to see how many ways we can make a vegetable--it's a great time exploring new things and they participate. Trust me, some are NOT a hit, but they try it and they know that they are out there. I absolutely love it when my son says, "I don't like this potato--it tastes TOO earthy for me!"


I agree. Find ways of cooking them that he would like. I also have a rule, no dessert until you at least take a few bites of everything on your plate. Have you tried letting him choose a way himself to prepare a veggie & maybe even let him cook it?


Love these ideas!  Cheese always works for me! haha.  Skewers are fun too.


Always taste--even if you didn't like it last time it was served...and cheese is a miracle worker at our house too!


yes, cheese is good here too! He loves

Frugal Minded M...

My kids will eat anything as long as I provide them ranch dressing - even those things they don't like.


Ha! Do you live in the south, frugal minded? Here they smother everything with something--sometimes Ranch is the best choice!


I wish my son would eat anything with ranch! He likes Bleu Cheese dressing but not on everything...just carrots and frenchfries.


It is truly a tough task for moms to convince kids to eat veggies because most of the kids do not like vegetables. I think if vegetables are utilized with a turn, then children will favor them and eat with interest. You can prepare a nice healthy quiche with your favorite vegetables, such as spinach, leeks and/or tomatoes. For all the more such recipes for kids you can visit online. 


Just give them more veggies


This is really a great thread. Will be very useful next year. Hope my kid will love veggies because I love veggies. If my kid resembles my husband, then I'll have a hard time feeding my kid. Lol


I also would say not to force him. His tastes may change as he grows up. Just try some new dishes like sandwiches enriched with cheese which he will definitely love. U can also try chicken and veggie mixed rolls etc. :)