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Any suggestions on working on coordination?

Posted September 2, 2015 - 6:09pm

My son (who is 11) and always been more into academics than sports and outside activities. We do go hiking and do 5K runs but I was wondering if anyone had any helpful suggestions on working on coordination? Something fun?

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I've come to learn "fun" is relative with my kids. I think they will really enjoy something and then it falls flat. :( Maybe something like a razor scooter would be fun for him? My 9 yo girl could use help on coordination so we are working on that, too. I may enroll her in either basketball or tae kwon do to help.


Does your community have a community roller skating night? A place you can try ice skating? I love the scooter idea. What about inviting friends over for an obstacle course (with refreshments)? 


Thanks! I also like the scooter idea. I wish we had local roller skating rinks. I loved that when I was his age but that one closed down years ago. Maybe there is one not too far away. 


It may not be an outdoor thing, but I've heard good things about the WII video system. Some of the programs get them off their tushes & jumping around. I would guess that swinging the controller around for the various games like tennis, bowling, etc would definitely help with coordination. 


yes, we do have wii..and I do like the balance games and dance and yoga are fun too. My son is a bit too much in to his video games so am trying to get him outdoors more but the wii is a great idea..I forgot about the balance games.

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Well what about basketball? Do you have a hoop in your driveway that he could practice taking shots with, dribbling, dribbling from hand to hand etc. That would be great for coordination.


Thanks! That is a great idea..we don't have one personally but there is one in our neighborhood that we can use. :)


I did some research on this topic a while ago and found . There is a section on how the ideal age to teach about cooridaation is preteen up though age 16. If you click on the coordination area there is a great article with some simple things you can do. Good luck!


Thank you! :)

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There are some really great kid yoga videos on You Tube that are very entertainig and will really help with coordination. Here is one of my faves:


Thanks! I love yoga and we were going to start doing yoga again. He liked it when he was little but we haven't been doing yoga this past year.