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Are you and your spouse/SO on the same page financially?

Posted September 6, 2015 - 9:12am

Do you and your spouse have similar values in regard to money or are you opposites. Does one of you want to save and the other spend? If you are the later how do you handle the conflict that arises?

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We are so not on the same page. I always tell my husband "if you watched YOUR money like you watch mine, we'd be rich". He is constantly supervising my spending, but doesn't want me involved in his. It's crazy and causes a lot of arguments.


oooh....yeah.  This used to be a problem for us too.  He'd know the minute I spent money and ask what I bought.  Drove me nuts!  If he still monitors he does a much better job of keeping his mouth shut. LOL.  I never have and probably never will go on a shopping spree and am always very cautious about spending so I'm not sure what he was so worried about!


We are now, but weren't always. Years ago we started following a budget and entering expenses on a spreadsheet. Saved us so many arguements! Now it comes down to math, not feelings. One of the things we've done right. ;)


That was funny jonbonjovious!! My ex and I were completely on different pages regarding money. That was one of the things that led us to break up. I have wonderful conversations with my children now about finances and this summer they got their first paying jobs we have been budgeting and they have been contributing to household expenses. It is fun to watch them grow and learn - even though they don't always want to listen!


I have to say in some ways and some ways not. I am better at saving and he is better at spending so there have been a few disagreements. Overall, we both need to some work on budgeting better.

Frugal Minded M...

Overall we agree, but I am definitely the more frugal person in the family.  He will sometimes get things that we don't necessarily need, or at least I don't thing we do.  Also he tends to splurge on the kids a bit more then me.  

Mommy Ramblings

Yeah my husband and I are totally different. I mean he always says how he knows he shold listen to me after the fact on a lot of things but I handle the bank accounts and savings. I am totally a saver and do not feel good unless I have a very good amount saved in the bank. Don't get me wrong I spend and buy things but I am way more watchful than my husband. I am fearful if my husband had control he would just be a live for today kind of guy and we would be in dire straits. 


We are generally on the same page since we are both savers however when he decides to spend, it's usually on something pricey and he's very particular.  We disagree more about priorities when it comes to spending.  Things like I'd like our gas fireplace fixed but that's much lower on his list than mine.