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Are You at Short Order Cook for Your Kids?

Posted August 16, 2015 - 2:06pm

Just wondering how many people make different meals for their kids then they eat themselves?

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We don't offer this option to our children. We include them in meal planning and preparation. We ask that they always try something they say they don't like--and sometimes it turns out that they do like it! If they don't like one particular item, they can have more of something that they do like being served with dinner. 

Frugal Minded M...

I'm right with you on that jonbonjovious.  Sounds exactly like what we do at our house, but I know I have a bunch of friends that short order.  I don't have time for that.


I do the same thing. I don't run a restaurant. I always throw in the caveat "Eat most of this or you don't get dessert" which usually works.


My kids are now teenagers and I make enough for the 3 of us. If they don't like it then they are welcome to preprare their own meal. When they were little they either ate what I made or they didn't eat! Tough love :)


My sister short-order cooks for her kids and eating with them is chaos. Her food goes cold before she has everyone's meal!! I'm a believer in Tough Love too get what you get and you don't throw a fit.

Frugal Minded M...

Tough love is good.


A few months ago I was chatting with a small group of moms at  GNO and was shocked at how many of them prepare different foods for their kiddos. My kids eat what we have or don't eat. (Btw, they never choose not to eat.) I'm sure they thought I was the mean mom when I told them that. They seemed shocked at ME. I wanted to save them but it didn't seem like they wanted to be saved...

Frugal Minded M...

A similar situation is why I asked the question.  I was discussing what was for dinner with some pre-school moms and not only did 4 out of th 5 moms short order cook for their kids, but the majority of time they went out to dinner.  


Ha! Well, it's probably just a matter of time. If their kids are still really young, they're still in the honeymoon phase, lol. I'm sure one day, they'll remember the lady who tried to save them.

Frugal Minded M...

So true.  I think I would go crazy if I was making something different for everyone.  Just getting one meal on the table is challenging enough sometimes.


Ha! So true!