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Assaults, please report it on time!

Posted February 22, 2018 - 3:32am

Recently, I could find the number of assaults getting increased in Canada. An assault is carried out by a threat of bodily harm coupled with an apparent, present ability to cause the harm. And it is classified as follows
( ):

Simple assault

Assault causing bodily harm

Assault with a weapon

Aggravated Assault

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault with a Weapon/Threats/Bodily Harm

Aggravated Sexual Assault

Assault is one of the more serious violations a Canadian can commit. But, in most of the cases, the victims are not coming forward or reporting it on time. One of the main reasons is, they feel it be a minor one and in case of major cases, especially sexual assaults, the victim feels invaded and defiled, while simultaneously experiencing the indignity of being helpless and at the mercy of other people.

Never have such thoughts, and we should always do the right thing at the right time. You can report the crimes you witnessed too. It is well explained by a criminal defence attorney in Newmrket ( ).

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