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being mindful of your emotions is self-care

Posted March 21, 2013 - 8:15pm
I love this explanation for the importance of being mindful of feelings experienced and then regulating behavior. The analogous illustration of kindling to grievances is so spot on!

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I completely agree with you! So often we forget that as parents, we set the tone. If we start to get stressed or angry, our children feed off of it and it makes the problem worse. We have to control our emotions in front of our kids at all times!


It can be hard to remember that how we as parents present ourselves affects how our kids act as well. I always try to compartmentalize. For example, after an irritating day at work, I use my commute home as my time to recenter myself. By being very conscious of my emotions, I can focus more on my kids and whats going on in their lives, instead of mine.