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Bike for a 2-year old

Posted September 11, 2020 - 10:23am

Hi guys!
Recently I've faced a big issue. It's not an easy task to choose a proper bike for your kid, especially when your toddler is having problems with balance.
The first bike of my son was borrowed from my sister, it's Yedoo TooToo, it's perfectly fits children hands, but my boy is a bit higher for a typical toddler, so balance became a problem.
I started to serf the Net. I viewed a great number of websites before I found a decent one with detailed description on each model. By the way, we decided on the Joovy Bicycoo=)
Here is the link if you need some expert insight -

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Renata Lander

Thank you for your link. I faced the same problem. looked through a bunch of options and could not find what I needed. I hope you will write is it good enough for 2 years boy!