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Decorating Kids Bedroom.

Posted April 21, 2017 - 2:51am

Hey! I would love to share something here. We recently designed a kids bedroom for our daughters. It's not an easy task, but we did it and our daughters love their room so much. I will try to share some tips here which many parents out there can make use of. 1. Kids love fun, and their rooms should have space for them to have fun. A place to show their creativity, a small playing area and all those will be loved by kids. 2. Most kids don't like dark areas and too much light. 3. Choose the colour your kids love the most. If the room is for 2 kids, make a combination of their favourite colours. 4. Don't add anything that can be dangerous for kids' safety. Like items that can easily break apart and sharp edges which can harm child are not recommended for a kid's room. So these are a few tips I can share. A few more ideas can be read in this article by a townhome builder in Toronto. In my opinion, if you get your kids room design right, the job is half done. We will be able to design everything else much more easily.

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Well Done. very gud task done by you for your teen girls and thanks for sharing your ideas. decorate your teen's bedroom is the first think. I have also some ideas which one i also want to share with you .1. Provide Theme Based Bed Furniture For Kids.2. Provide best study furniture for him/her.3. Provide them best storage furniture 4. Use Interesting Decals Or Stickers On Walls5. Wall Light Fixtures And Floor Lamps6. Decorative Figurines for him/her.7. Provide Stationery Holders.If you do that you will get more closer with your teen/kid and they feel comfortable with you. get more tips and ideas from