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Discipline, could it be causing negative learning influences

Posted March 4, 2013 - 2:00pm
Should discipline be decided on by both parents or is it okay for one parent to make all of the decisions when discipline the children? If they do not agree is it a negative environment?

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I think it's okay if one parent does the disciplining - but then the other parent has to SUPPORT that parent, It's so important to come across as a team when it comes to discipline. Otherwise, the kids get very mixed messages.

Mercedes Samudio
I agree with Marni. If both parents are a part of the parenting dyad, then it is the responsibility of both parents to have a say in the discipline. I believe that parents should first communicate how they want to discipline before bringing it to the children, and they should both agree on punishments, rewards, and praise so that the children do not use one parent against the other.

I agree as well. I think it's totally acceptable for one parent to discipline as long as the other parent is supportive. The problems come when the disciplining parent doesn't communicate with the other about the discipline. It all comes down to communication between the two parents.