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Do you discuss the violence the media outlets cover on TV with your children?

Posted August 25, 2015 - 8:10am

It seems everytime someone turns on the television at our house, the media is reporting on an act of violence. Do you talk to your children about these events?

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Unless I have reason to believe it's something they've already heard about, I do not right now. My youngest is 5 and I don't see any reason for her to know about those things. My oldest is 9 and is coming into the age where we can talk about current events but because she is kind of anxious by nature (like her mama) I don't. 


Actually I don't recall my kids ever asking about it, but if they had it would depend on their age as to how I would talk to them about it. The older, the more frank I would be.

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I purposely watch the news at night when I'm in my room alone just for this reason.  While I do discus current events with my children, sometimes things on TV can freak out the teens even - much less the younger kids.  I know my 14 year got freaked out my all the movie theater shootings.  


This morning, before school, while watching WDBJ7--our local station, we happened to, unexpectedly, watch a news reporter and cameraman murdered. I think the kids are dealing with it better than I am. I think about the reporter's mom, who works up the street from where we live, and that loss...and perhaps the loss the ripples out from the individuals. My kiddos see only the loss of two people, whom they didn't know. It's interesting how resilient children are; don't you agree?


They always surprise me with their resilience. I'm so sorry you guys had to see that! I saw some of the video. Horrifying. I can't imagin if that happenend in our community. It's so, so terrible. I've been thinking about it all day. 

Frugal Minded M...

I could only seeing that live.  It was so horrible just seeing the still shots.  Kids can be reslient, but in my own I see things come out after.


Oh, wow!  That is horrifying!  So sorry that happened to you guys!  I agree — I don't think kids understand unless it connects to them in some way much more personally.


I don’t watch the news at my house at all. Occasionally, I may see a Facebook friend post something or my mom will say something. It is just too much negativity and I honestly don’t want to hear about it.


I rarely watch either.  I'm online all the time — I figure I'll see the important stuff come across one of my feeds.


We don't really watch the news much especially with my son. If it is something I think he needs to know about then I will discuss with him, now that he is older. The last few years we did received Scholastic News and I found that helpful. We do talk about topics such as 911 during homeschool. I think the news can be scary for young children.


Unless it's something I think they will hear about somewhere else, I usually don't.  I don't want them to worry unncessarily.  Last year there was a school shooting not too far from where we live.  I knew they'd hear about it and see stuff so we talked about it a little bit and just prayed for the families effected.

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We also deliberatley keep the news off with the kids around for this very reason. I think as they get older we will slowly allow them to be aware of some events.