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Do you or did you let your children sleep in your bed at night?

Posted August 29, 2015 - 11:12pm

Do you or did you let your children sleep in your bed at night?

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Frugal Minded M...

One thru four did not, but number five is.  A big part is we ran out of bed rooms so her crib was in our room.  She slept in it no problem until she could sit up and see us.  THen she refused to go back to sleep so it was easier to put her in bed with us.  She's now 3 and we are trying to figure out which sibling to put her with.

Mommy Ramblings

Well beyond the very early days when it was easier to nurse in bed, my oldest was the only one that slept with us until she was 4. That was a mistake I did not make again. She was my first and she nursed and it just happened and then there was no breaking it. She would not sleep in a crib at all. She would freak out if she found herself in there. Imagine that we bought her the most beautiful canopy crib with a crib set that was hundreds of dollars and she never slept in it. LOL  When we built our new house that is how I transitioned her. It was easier than I thought. I talked to her the whole time we were building the house about it. She would have her own room and she would have her own bed with Little Mermaid sheets. It worked and the only time my other kids have ever slept with us is if they were very sick or had surgery.


My first one did...and he continued to come back, even when he had his own bed. We were all tired. When the second came along, we tried his own room, his own bed and we were all happier....the rest of the children have all had their own bed. It's what has worked for us.


We had a pack n play with a bassinet next to our bed for the first 4 months or so with all 3 of our babies.  I nursed them so having them close was important.  Usually by the very early morning they'd just end up staying in our bed because I was too lazy to put them back in the bassinet and just loved having them close.  They were all in their own beds by around 6 months but my youngest who is almost 5 has been coming in to our bed in middle of the night for the past several months.  I love snuggling her and know it won't last forever so I let her stay.

Your Kid's Table

On occasion we do, and there have been times when one has gotten into the routine for a bit. I think this is one of those things that parents have to decide for themselves, and every situation is unique. There are benefits both ways.


No way. I always wanted to, but I would never sleep. When they were babies I had a bassinet right next to the bed so I could feed them in the middle of the night, but I'd wake up after every little noise. Or if there was no noise and I just stare at them. Co-sleeping would have left me awake all night, worried I would hurt them. On the occasions when we have slept it the same bed -- sickness, vacations -- they end up kicking me and slapping me in the face while they are sleeping. So I feel like I made the right decicision for us - ha!


I did the same, I had a bassinette next to the bed for the first three or 4 months but they never did sleep next to me. I am such a light sleeper and my husband was such a heavy sleeper. I was worried about him rolling over on them. I did love the early morning 6 am snuggle, but never did let them sleep all night with us.


The older two, they did very briefly. My youngest he slept only in bed with me for about the first nine months. Now he occasionally, sleeps in bed with me.

Lisa Morrison

At the beginning, yes, however, later I did't want to encourage the continuation of this custom. My child was 'transferred' to his bed. Initially, there were some problems with falling asleep without mum, but thanks to the interesting and short book Ms. Susan Urban (How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone") after some time he got used to