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Do you save all your child's schoolwork and projects?

Posted September 6, 2015 - 9:18am

So are you a saver of everything? Do you just save a few things? Do you take digital pictures and throw the items away?

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I save a lot of it in the files. However, I never thought on taking photos to save it that way. I may give that a try this year.


I save the ones that were entered into state fairs or art exhibits. The others we display for awhile on the refrigerator and discard, or give to family. I take photos of some of their work too.


Right. Weren't we just talking about clutter? This is part of my problem. I really don't intend to keep everything. But somehow I have these piles...


I am such a saver. I have two very large bins in the garage full of art work, journals, awards, trophies, ribbons. I do need to go through it. When my kids were small (late 90s) I didn't have a cellphone camera that was great so I still have the originals. One day soon I will need to purge and thankfully the digital photos are an option. That eases the need to save everything!


I used to save we do a pizza box for every year. ot sure where we originally found that idea. But every school year, we get a pizza box and fill it up during the school year with things my son or I would like to keep.


I saved them for awhile, but kept losing things when we moved around.

Frugal Minded M...

For my first I saved everything, but once I started having more I realized that wasn't possible.  I think on average I have one piece from every two years per kid.  I'll save things for about a week and then it is time to go away.

Mommy Ramblings

I was a saver of all of it with my older kids, with my younger ones I save most art projects, paintings etc. I only save some of the schoolwork. So much is redundant.


More often than not I take a pic of the things I want to "keep".  There are a few things we save but I have a hard enough time controlling the clutter in our house.  I've heard there is an app just for this but I haven't looked into it yet.