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Do you schedule regular play dates?

Posted September 22, 2015 - 7:55pm

Over the past 5 years I've made it a point to regularly schedule play dates, but these days there just isn't time for it. I think that is okay because between the three of them and school time I think they are getting enough. What about you... Do you like play dates? Dread them?

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I've done playdates in the past.  They stress me out a little when they are at our house.  My kids get plenty of socialization and play time though! We've got a big group of friends with kids that we see all the time because our kids do sports together.  Older ones and younger ones so whether it's their practice/game or their sibling's there's always someone for them to play with!

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They stress me out a little too, especially when they are at my house. Now, if some of my friends want to get together I try to have it be a neutral location.


I've always been terrible about play dates. They are such a modern invention. I guess I just had a hard time understanding the process. Now that the kids are older and we live in a neighborhood with kids I find these things happen naturally. But when my first was a baby it was weird. I just didn't know what I was supposed to do. 

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I actually don't like the word "play date", and I think it is weird when kids use it. Since we moved into a neighborhood full of kids 2 years ago I felt little need to continue because they are always playing outside- which is so much nicer!


I never was organized enough to do regular playdates. It kind of occured here and there and we were better at accepting invitations more than planning dates. It is so busy being a working parent.

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I'm sure it was really difficult juggling that and working. Plus, if kids are in daycare, the need for a playdate is kind of a moot point.

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When my daughter was born to the age of 4 we lived in a development where there were lots of kids so it was easy to socialize her. I had a woman from Lamaze class I used to schedule play dates with and another friend. As more kids came it was harder and they happened less and less. Then we moved and built a new house where we were not in a development any more. I always had my sister nearby and our kids were the same age so it was like a play date all the time.  With my younger ones it did not happen. I tried joining a local mom's group when they were really little but it just did not work out, many did not show and so it was not worth the time. 

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With #2 and #3 I belonged to a MOMs club where we were grouped into Play Groups that met once a week.  Not only was it good for the kids to play together, but the moms also got some time to visit.  With 4 and 5 it seems that life has become busier with the older ones and I'm no longer in an area with the MOMS group so I haven't done play groups.  I do take them to Sunday School and Story times to get them around other kids.  


The only time I like play dates is when I'm not hosting one. :D