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Do you watch any TV shows as a family?

Posted September 27, 2015 - 12:12am

My oldest daughter is very interested in cooking. She's 6. We watch Master Chef Jr. as a family (dad is usually at work though). I love how supportive the kids are of each other on the show and we get new ideas for things to eat or try to cook.

What shows, if any, do you watch as a family?

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We really don't watch much I guess if my son does watch is usally with me. We do rent and watch DVDs together.

Mommy Ramblings

I don't watch TV so not really. A movie maybe together is more the norm and my kids do not watch any primetime TV either.

Your Kid's Table

On occasion I've shown my kids parts of America's Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, and some cooking shows. My oldest loves to cook too!


My kids like America's Got Talent too :)

Frugal Minded M...

We love watching cooking shows too.  My kids love Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen.  It's really funny when we sit down to dinner and they will say, ok mom what were your basket ingredients today.


I love "what were your basket ingredients"...great way to understand cooking and how to stretch a budget!


I love Master Chef Jr! We like America's Home Videos, King of Queens, Seinfeld, cartoons & movies.


My kids and I sometimes watch America's Funniest Home Video clips when we need a distraction and a good laugh!


We watch Master Chef Jr....and Disney Channel shows together. We also like "The Middle" and "The Goldbergs"

Frugal Minded M...

The Middle and Goldbergs are our favorites too.  My husband DVRs them so that we can watch them all together on the weekend since some of my kids go to bed at 8.


We DVR them too! It's the best way to watch as a family since our schedules often collide.


We aren't dancers (except in our living room) but me and the girls loved to watch So You Think You Can Dance this summer. This is the first season I let them watch with me. They really like it!


Hubby and I used to watch it but didn't this season.  Since we usually had it on our DVR we'd show the kids certain ones if we thought they'd like them.


They had some great dancers this season, but I didn't like the Stage vs. Street thing. I hope they do it the old way next season.


My teens and I watch Modern Family and Survivor, also sometimes The Amazing Race. When they were little they loved Arthur and Dancing with the Stars as pre-teens.


Survivor is our best tv night. We always have the BEST meal on the night we watch survivor. We DVR so it's anyone's guess. My kiddos love to pick favorites and cheer them on.

Frugal Minded M...

Lately, it's been Family Feud.