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Gluten free

Posted June 2, 2013 - 6:57pm
I think this video needs to be clarified in order to avoid incorrect educational content. Gluten free is not considered a fad diet - just ask the three people in my family diagnosed with Celiac disease whether they are on a fad diet. Or the many people who have struggled with their GI system pre-diagnosis. Or those with borderline serology who have found that limiting gluten to some degree results in improved health. My 6 year old niece does eat differently than her peers - not because its fun or cool but because not doing so landed her in the hospital on & off for a year at age two. What is true is that a diet that works well for those with health concerns should not be applied to the general population as a miracle diet. Yes, a strict gluten free diet results in some initial weight loss through decrease carb intake & overall calorie reduction. Many gluten free foods have a higher fat content to make the food (particularly baked items) taste better - so it's not necessarily more healthful. I do not see anyone rushing to the PKU diet or other diets for those with metabolic storage diseases. Another truth is that there are a lot of "fad diets" - paleo, raw foods, etc.... - that have little scientific evidence behind them except for poorly strung together logic & weight loss through caloric restriction. Those diet are dubious in adults & most certainly a cause for concern if applied to kids' developing physiology

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I completely agree, it seems like the "fad" diets are coming up everywhere. I know most children don't understand the idea of a "fad" diet, but their parents do. Parents seem to be putting their children on diets they haven't completely researched. I always stress the importance of a doctor diagnosis before changing your child's diet.