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Hi! Mom of two and former preschool teacher joining in :)

Posted August 18, 2015 - 3:39pm

Hi! I'm new here and happy to find a place to connect with parents in all stages of life. I lived on message boards when my first-born was an infant, but she's 9 now and I feel like I've outgrown those boards.

I look forward to getting to know you guys and helping when I can. I was preschool teacher and director before I was a mom so I have lots of opinions! I'm also a blogger ( and have written couple of pieces for other parenting sites.

Nice to meet you!

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Hi!Nice to meet you! I am also a former Pre-school teacher..but this was many years ago. (Back in my 20's-30"s) I now am a stay at home mom of a Tween. I am also a blogger and lived on message boards during my son's baby and toddler years.Great to meet you!


You too! My oldest is starting to show signs of being an official "tween" -- I'm not ready!


I am sooooooo not ready! lol


I was a regular of parenting boards way way back too lol.  NOw looking forward on how to deal with a tween!


It's nice to meet another fellow blogger. I am a mom of three toddlers and I live on different parenting forums. One thing I have learned from them is to expect the unexpected lol. 

Frugal Minded M...

I'm a blogger too.  Have to agree that parenting provides you a lot of unexpected experiences.


Nice to see your posts on here. I now teach Pre-K but fomerly taught preschool also!


It's been years since I taught pre-school but I was a pre-school teacher through most of my 20' enjoyed it!!


Preschool was so fun! Now that I have my own kiddos, I know I would not have the energy to teach other little ones, though. I'm an all-in kind of teacher and would be totally wiped out at the end of the day. I guess like I am with my kids now - ha!


Hello! I'm enjoying getting to know you through the discussions. I bet you have an arsenal of fun crafts for little ones! The journey of parenting is a great adventure. 


Welcome!  I'm exited to check out your blog.  See you around!