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Home security cameras

Posted September 12, 2017 - 11:36pm

Hi all,
I am the mother of a teenager. His father died last year after which I had to pick up a job to take care of my son. No one is there at home when both of us leave to school and office. I think it's high time to secure the house as the attack of intruders has increased in the neighborhood.

My son has school only 5 days a week and I have my office on 6 days. So when it is a holiday for him, I usually take him to my office. I'm afraid to let him be at home alone. But now, he is not willing to come with me to the office on his holidays as he is getting bored at the office. I cannot work at peace when he is alone at home. When I discussed this with my friends, one of them came up with the idea of home security cameras( ) with CCTV surveillance. The main advantage of it is that I can monitor my house from the office. So even if something happens, I can reach at home in no time. What do you think about such a camera? Or are there any other ways to monitor the house.

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