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How do you draw the line with rules when you have a suicidal teen?

Posted April 10, 2013 - 2:37pm
Hello I am a mother of a teen that has suicidal thoughts and she is currently seeing a council and on anti-depresents. She spends so much time on her lap top on a social game and has let her grades slip but I am afraid if I take her lap top away she will get really depressed, how do I limit her time on it without triggering depression or anger?
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I imagine it would be great for you to be getting therapy yourself - this sounds horribly stressful for any parent, and perhaps an expert in depression will offer you solid guidance


Maybe also talk with the school counselor about improving her grades or getting some extra tutoring help after school. When she finishes her tutoring or help with the teacher the reward can be the laptop? Not sure on this one, but maybe the school counselor has some ideas!

Frugal Minded M...

I can somewhat relate.  A couple years ago my oldest mentioned the words kill himself and I did immediately get him in for counseling.  I know how you are feeling about limiting technology or any type of punishment and further depression or anger.My son's grades were dropping too. So even though it might get him mad I explained that the consequences of dropping grades was his electronics had to go away until the grades went up.  While he was very angry at me, some of the agression ended up going away because it turned out he was being bullied online.  So not having access to any electronics for a couple weeks was actually beneficial.


Thank you..this is helpful. My son was also cyber bullied and we are dealing with it.

Frugal Minded M...

Bullying is so horrible.  How is effects people comes out in weird ways too.


Teenage is a stage where everyone tends to be rebellious, tries to go against the norms to stand out amongst others and would do anything  for more attention, love, sympathy etc. The way suicide is glorified, I think teenagers think that the only way to sovle all their problems is suicide. 'There won't be any problems if there won't be any me' is a very dangerous thought that is creeping in most teenagers. Collectively and individually there should be a strong effort to discourage suicide glorification.