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Is Karate a good afterschool activity for kids?

Posted February 26, 2013 - 12:40pm
I just watched a video where karate was being discussed as a good social activity for children. I'm not so sure if I agree that a self defense class is the best way to gain friends. what do you think?

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if your just looking for your child to gain friends, i'd probably just try an informal meetup with other parents and children. i only started enrolling my children in structured activities once they showed a real interest and commitment to it.

I think they can make friends in Martial Arts because once you are in the class the focus isn't so much about fighting with each other; it's more about self-discipline, personal boundaries, focused mind, respect, learning cultural values and physicality. And, since most martial arts classes are usually several times a week, the kids become close because they see each other so often and watch each other as they face challenges and experience triumphs. It can be so bonding to work side by side on a common yet personal goal. I did martial arts for two years, and just recently enrolled my kids; obviously feeling a lot of appreciation for the craft!