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Kids make in-app purchases while playing mobile games. How to avoid it?

Posted November 28, 2017 - 6:34am

Hi, Parents!

I share my mobile device with kids and let them play games. At that time I do my chores and have some time for myself. But I noticed that they clicks nearly on all buttons that they see. In this case they make in-app purchases, sometimes watch inappropriate ads or even content.

If you face the same problem, please share some tips! I really appreciate them!

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you can change the settings to require password for in-app purchases.


Thanks! I set up the password and it works! If my kids accidently clicks on in-app purchase I take them back to games.Another problem is that I sometimes notice inappropriate content or ads, so I am cheking on kids time to time...


Your options also depend on your device OS. If you have iOS - based device you will be able to lock down your phone, you can follow the link to Apple Support here.Android OS's have more options - you can use a monitoring service to lock, screen, monitor and report on content viewed, accessed or where an attempt was made. Two options are here: Covenant Eyes, Net Nanny.You can also create a separate user account for kids on our android/ios tablet, and disable YouTube on it. Install YouTube for kids. It is not foolproof though, the algorithms still pick up bad videos, but not as much compared to the normal YouTube.Let children watch Netflix in the kids account (comes with subscription cost), or the cartoon channel on normal TV.We take the time to watch some videos with our child on the tablet, and downvote/flag videos as needed.We hope those links help you out!


Thanks KidsInTheHouse_2. That was very useful. I checked the links that you mentioned in your post. These tools looks like worth trying. Have you tried any parental control tools by yourself? If yes, can you share you experience?


It is very important for us to keep an eye on our kids and constantly check on them about their doing's. Parents should allow access to only few apps on their mobile and warn them strictly not to use other.