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Mom of 3 From Seattle Area

Posted September 1, 2015 - 9:23pm

I'm Holly and I'm a mom to 3 littles. My oldest is Jackson, age 8. Next is McKinley age 6 then Parker (a girl) age 4. I'm a work at home mom blogging at and a Young Living Essential Oils wellness advisor. I don't have much free time but I enjoy spending that time with other moms who have become close friends though my children's sports programs.

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Hi Holly! Welcome aboard. :) I'm Candy, also a blogger and mom. I have two girls, 9 & 5, and we live in the suburbs of Houston. My closest mom friends are my next door neighbors. We lucked out and got really great people for neighbors!


Oh, it's so great to have good neighbors!  We recently had a new family move into our neighborhood with kids the same age as my oldest two.  It's been wonderful!


Welcome. I blog also. Your kiddos have great names and are all at such fun ages! Seattle is one of my favorite cities! Glad you're here.


Thank you!  You too — it's great having other moms (and bloggers!) to chat with!

Frugal Minded M...

Hi Holly.  I'm a frugal blogger too.  Mine is  I have 5 kids ranging from 17 to 3.  Nice to meet you.


Hi Holly. Nice to see a fellow Hawk in the house! I have 2 grownups now & I'm waiting for grandkids. Welcome!


Hi Holly!I'm also a Mom blogger at Nice to meet you!


Hi, Nice to see another Washingtonian here! My kids are 17 (a girl) and 15 (a boy) and I teach Prekindergarten down in North Seattle. Welcome!

Your Kid's Table

Hi Holly, I'm a mom to three boys, and blog about kids eating and sensory play (I'm an OT).  I'm so interested in getting into essential oils, but haven't completely dived in yet.


Hi, Holly!  Welcome to Kids in the House! :)  I can't wait to visit your blog!  And I am a huge lover of essential oils!