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MOMS— How Many Hours of Sleep Do YOU Get a Night?

Posted September 28, 2015 - 10:50pm

We all know the recommended amount of sleep is 8 hours a night for adults but do YOU get it?

And do you ever nap??

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Dang it! No, I don't. Shame on me. Six hours of sleep is probably a normal night for me. My problem is I am more of a night owl so it's hard to get to bed. I don't nap... but a nap sounds lovely.


I am also a night owl and I regret it every morning! haha.  I nap on the rare occasion when the lack of sleep catches up to me and I NEED it!


Never! I am regularly getting 5 and sometimes 6. One day I hope to get 7, that is my goal!

Your Kid's Table

Currently, around 6, sometimes 5. I'm sleeper at heart, but with three I have just let that go. Too busy to think about it anyways. I rarely nap anymore.

Mommy Ramblings

Ugh, if I get 5 I call that good, usually less than that I am afraid.


Yes! Less than 5 makes for a rough day...


No...I have to admit that I rarely get 8 hours of sleep. :( It is usually between 5 1/2-7. No, I rarely nap. 

Your Kid's Table

I had no idea so many of us weren't getting enough sleep! Oh well, I guess there will be time for that some day.


Related: I actually went to bed about 30 minutes earlier last night. BUT it took me at least 45 minutes to fall asleep! Not fair.


I can usually fall asleep unless I'm stressed about something the next day. Staying asleep is the challenge!


Same here! it is really tough to fall asleep when stressed.

Frugal Minded M...

Technically most nights I'm in bed for 7 hours, but I don't end up sleeping that much since I wake up most nights at least once or twice.  Sometimes it''s kids waking me up, but most of the time it's just all of a sudden I'm awake.I do nap if possible if I'm feeling totally exhausted.


Same here...I usually am in bed about 7 hours but wake up at least once. 


I struggle but my husband makes sure we get 7-8 hours. Sometimes I toss and turn and there is one night every week where I wake up at 2:30 in the morning ready to rock 'n roll (I hate that day). The downside is we have no social life...we're in bed by 8:30 or 9pm. :(


I would hate the 2:30 am day too. I have one like that..but it's about 4 am. :(