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Mother of two looking to adopt

Posted August 10, 2015 - 10:44am

My name is Cindy and I'm a mother of two kids. I am looking to adopt a third child from the foster system, and could use some advice on blended families :)

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Sounds cool! Don't know much about blended families but good luck :)


Hi Cindy!Don't really know that much about it, but maybe his video will be a good first step?


Great video. Thanks Craig!


Hello Cindy! My name is Diana Marcovecchio and I have two sons and three step children ofmy own. I do have a friend that has adopted three children from birth and based on what I see her experience on a daily basis, I could say that:1) Get to know about what they endured in the past ( if the information is not confidential)This is important so you can pay attention to any behavioral issues and get some psychological treatments for the chil(dren) that might need it and for yourself as well so you can get the support you need to be all they need you to be.2) Have a healthy network of friends that are in a similar situation as you so they can give you immediate support and advice when you will need it.3) love, love, love them! ( but don't feel bad about disciplining them when required :) Hope this helps!


Diana, this is such heartfelt and wonderful advice. I truly appreciate the response. I think number 3 is most important of all!!! Are you new to the forum? Welcome!!


It's my pleasure and yes I'm new to this site. Thank you! :)


Hello Cindy. I have three kids and there was a big jump between having two and three kids. It gets a lot harder and more complicated. Before you adopt a third child, take an honest look at your lifestyle. Are you exhausted parenting two kids while keeping up a life outside of that? If so, you might want to stick to two children. But if you are ready for a third child, I can tell you that it is a wonderful thing to welcome another child into your family. It may be hard, but I have never regretted my husband and my decision to have a third child.


Hi Cindy!Wishing you the best! I do not know too much about blended families. I have worked a bit with blended families in the past but not recently. Are you planning to adopt a baby or an older child?