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Motivating a Third Grader

Posted September 26, 2020 - 6:58am

Asking for a very bright third grader who enjoys reading, math, and learning 90% of the time. :)

My roadblock I want to help her solve is that it takes 30-60 of hysterical sobbing and emotionally shutting down when we start homework.

Once we've gone through this exhausting ritual, everything is fine and the lesson generally follows without a problem.

I've read up on various strategies and am working through the articles on google - I wanted to get some feedback, parent-to-parent, on what has worked for similar elementary scenarios.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello,We are developing an application that wraps learning materials into games. The app is still in the developing stage so it only contains pre-school materials, but we will update it soon so it will contain all math courses up to grade 8th. It is completely free. Here is our official website: and here is the download link: