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My boy is acting differently

Posted October 6, 2016 - 12:10am

Hi there,
My boy is acting weird recently. I might know the reason. I got divorced last 10 days back. My son was with his grandparents at the time of hearing. He probably might not be understood what had happened between us. After I got divorced, I took him back to my house and shifted his school to the nearby. For the first 2 days, he was fine and normal. But later, he changed. He is not responding to anything, sad and unhappy. But he didn't ask for his dad even 1 time. I am confused what might happen to him? I don't think he knows the situation. Does it because he lacks friends in school? He is not going out to play, always be inside with the pets. I was planning to rent games for him. Might it costly or not, looking for game rentals in Toronto, something like this He might be interested in those kinds of stuff and may be happy. Won't it work? But even I am curious about his behavior. What might it be?

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Well, you have not mentioned your son's age. Still, he may be thinking about his father. His friends may have teased him saying the divorce matter. The matter can be anything. Talk to him. Ask what had happened. Feel free to him.   


Hope your boy is fine by now.


Talk to your child calmly. Ask him what his problem is. Things are gonna get well son. Wish you all the good luck.


Well, what did you expected to happen? A lot has changed in his life. Kids can't cope with change like adults do.