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My daughter was kidnapped

Posted March 29, 2017 - 11:22pm

Hi folks, I am here to get some suggestions. My daughter and I are living in a rental flat. Last week this incident took place and after that, I am really frightened. My daughter was kidnapped by two intruders and after a hard struggle, the cops saved her. The inquiry is still going on and the cops are trying to find the culprits. My daughter is recovering slowly after that incident. Since we live in a rental flat we don’t have any alarms for protection. But now we have planned to set up an intrusion protection system( ). My question is this, is there any legal requirements for installing this since I live in a rental flat? Also, should I be capable of integrating it with my phone when I am outside? Please chime in with some useful suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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Thank god, that your daughter was saved. How is she now?