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Parents of 11-14 year olds - physical activity

Posted November 7, 2020 - 7:22am

The Coronavirus pandemic may have had an impact on your children’s physical activity or sport participation. I am a PhD student, and as part of my research, I am exploring adolescents’ and their families’ experiences of physical activity and sport before and during the COVID-19 period.

I am therefore looking to talk to parents and their children together about their thoughts and experiences. The discussion will take place online (Skype/Zoom) and will last around 30-40 minutes.

If you have a child aged 11-14 years old you are eligible to take part in the research study. Whether you or your child take part in sport or you consider yourselves inactive I would like to hear from you - I’m interested in all thoughts and experiences.

For more information or to take part, please click the link below:

Thank you!

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Interesting, definitely gonna check it out!