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Potty Training a Boy

Posted August 17, 2015 - 3:33pm

What do you do when you Potty Train a Boy? Teach him to sit or stand?

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My three boys all learned to potty sitting down and then we transitioned to standing.


Same here. It's tough enough, you should start slow. Try & see what works best. I believe every kid is different.


My son wanted to be just like his dad so he started off standing up. Also, there were several boys his age at his daycare and they were all standing so he copied them. I think it is just what your son seems most comfortable with and who else is around!


I started my boys off sitting. However, once they were around their dad they wanted to stand. My youngest, who is potty training now, is also eager to stand because he sees his brothers doing it. 

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We did sitting at first, as that just seemed easier for them. It wasn't long before they were standing though.

Mommy Ramblings

You know with four boys I think sitting first but I believe for one that I was trying to make it fun with I bought those tinkle targets.


It was very difficult to potty training my baby. But I made him sit and it changes for every baby. Make your kid comfortable.


I think you should teach him to sit at first and then, later on, you'll see if he wants to stand or sit. 

Erussell new here...i have a 3 yr old who, as of recently, won't stop asking us if there is poop in his pants...there never is...hes been potty trained for a while now...constantly seeking validation that there isn't any...anyone else have this happen with their kids? So confused