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Real Tree or Fake Tree?

Posted September 22, 2015 - 4:43pm

For those of you that celebrate Christmas, do you go real or fake?

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beachcitymom's one of our favorite things about the holiday. I love the smell of a real tree. :)

Frugal Minded M...

Fake.  I grew up with a real tree, but when I got married, my husband didn't feel comfortable with a live tree.  He thought it was a fire hazard.  Was dissapointed at first, but turns out the fake tree is better for my allergies.  So 19 years later we have a fake tree and this year we need a replacement.


My mom has had a fake tree for the past 10 years and it is better for her allergies too. :)

Your Kid's Table

Fake.. I know it sounds scrouge like but I just can't deal with it at this point. Plus, one of my friends found a tick on her real tree one year when the weather was a bit warmer here (pittsburgh area). I know that isn't an issue everywhere though.  I'm sure the smell is lovely!


Sometimes I think it would be easier to go with a fake tree but I just can't give up the tradition of going to the farm to pick out our tree and drinking hot chocolate!


FAKE! My husband and one of my daughters have lots of allergies. We could never have a real tree.


I really enjoy the smell and tradition of a real tree!

Mommy Ramblings

Growing up my family did both. My parents would go years with a live tree, switch to fake for a few and back to live etc. I have always had a fake tree but one that look incredibly real. I found it easier to deal with and with my first baby I felt safer. I thought of the fires, needles on the floor she might eat and choke on and the hassle.  lol.


We do the fake tree thing. We keep saying we are going to do a real tree, but it hasn't happened yet.


Definitely real. I need that real tree look & smell. I can't stand artificial nature.


When does everyone usually put up their tree?


Always a real one. That smell can't be replaced with anything else. We always plant that tree after the Christmass.  


I use the fake one.