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Supporting their interest

Posted December 5, 2017 - 1:40am

My son is interested in electronics or to be more specific in robotics. He tries to build different robots and always spend his time either building something or by searching online about robotics. wife complains about him not being outdoor enough buy I believe that if he is interested in robotics we should support it. Last week he had attended a workshop based on Arduino Uno and won the most promising teen award there. The smile on the face was worth everything in my life.

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Renata Lander

This is a great story. When a child is interested in something, it's important to support them. There were so many examples when parents tried to make their children do things they couldn't. My youngest son wants to become an astronaut, we watched the rocket launch together, and the way he confidently dreams inspires me.  


Very nice story. Supportive Parents is what Hardworking kids needed.