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Talking about Sex

Posted August 7, 2015 - 12:53pm

My Daughter just recently turned 15 and as such, she's starting to go out on dates with some of teh guys in her class. These are fairly innocent, a movie at our house or theres, a trip to the Friendly's down the street. But I just want to make sure that my wife and I can approach her to talk about these things without being too invasive. What's the right way to approach this sit down?

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Luckily a lot of high schools have sex ed and this could save you the awkwardness of having to have a sit down. Perhaps you should call your daughter's school to see what they do and don't cover so that if there are any holes in the information she is getting, you and your wife can help answer. 


I don't even want to get into the specifics with her, I just want to convey to her that me and her mother are supportive as long as she makes responsible choices.  I guess this means I should probably have her mother talk to her, right?  Not me?


I think it would mean a lot if both of you told her that you're supportive. You don't want to cut yourself off from your daughter. It's important to let her know that you're a resourceful on this topic (as awkward as you may feel), just as much as her mother is. The three of you can have an easy talk where you tell her exactly what you typed here- that as long as she makes responsible choices, you and her mother are there to support her. 


I think it is important to let her know you trust her and her ability to make good decisions. Talk to her about her dreams and how she feels about the boy she is dating. Communication is the key to a healthy parent/child relationship.


I would say that you or your wife or both of you together could talk to her in a non-judgmental way. It depends on who has the closer relationship. When I was growing up I had a more open relationship with my dad, he was easier to talk to because my mother was pretty reserved. Assess how comfortable you both are in talking to her and then decide from there!


Thanks everyone!  I definitely try and encourage her to be as open with us as possible, because we try our hardest to not be the "foot stomping" parents that push them away.  I know that the more you try and lock down rules on them, the more that they're likely to not listen whatsoever and do whatever they so choose.  So it's just a delicate situation here. But we're just gonna sit down and tell her that we support her no matter what, we just want her to be smart about what she chooses to do.