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Thanksgiving Plans?

Posted September 22, 2015 - 4:45pm

Is it always at your home, do you go to relatives, does it change from year to year?

Do you know what your doing now or are your more a fly by the seat of your pants family?

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We change plans almost every year. This year...I think we are staying home and maybe just having my Mother-in-law over. I much prefer a smaller family holiday..otherwise there tends to be in-law drama. :/

Your Kid's Table

We are starting a new tradition this year and are hosting both mine and my husbands family at our home. However, we will hardly be cooking because there are so many traditions that other people will make those things.  I'm excited to have everyone together here.


We usually go to my in-laws but sometimes consider having it at our house.  My favorite tradition is my father in law's turkey soup dinner a few days later :)


Small dinner with daughter & son-in-law.


Thanksgiving is bittersweet for us. I usually don't like to travel during that time due to the high cost and our family is in California while we are in Seattle. It ends up being a very low key event with my children and I, sometimes we have another family over. I do miss my family during that week.


Hi neighbor!  I'm about an hour north of Seattle :)


We are so far from our families that visiting isn't really an option for Thanksgiving. The last couple of years we've made a turkey just for the four of us. We are trying to start our own traditions. 

Frugal Minded M...

I have only cooked this meal once in my married life.  We usually split the holiay weekend between my in-laws or parents house in MI.  This year it will just be in-laws since my parents are traveling to FL to visit my brother.  

Mommy Ramblings

We have it here with out kids and we always have people who come by, my older kid's friends, my cousin etc. Our house is the typical always room for one more. When my parents were living we would sometimes go down to my brother's or my in laws but for the last 8 years or so it has always been here. I have 4 siblings but most of us have big families and I am the youngest and so I have siblings that are way older than I am because my mom spaced us so far that my brothers have married kids and grandkids and we literally had to use a venue to fit all of us the last few years when my parents were living. 


We had plans to go to my mom's--then we started rethinking because we have a family vacation planning right after and elected to just do our own thing this year. So I suppose we are more fly by the seat of our pants--because our plans keep changing!


Our plans seem to be up in the air this year too! Have no idea...but it's still only October. I know! As soon as Halloween is here...the holidays are here..