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What are the 4th and 5th tips?

Posted April 29, 2013 - 10:32am
What are the 4th and 5th tips?

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Well, she only gives her top 3 tips. Here is a transcript of the video:t’s really interesting to me that so many mothers today still think they don’t make enough milk for their babies, when in fact we have the evidence to support the idea that very few of us cannot make enough milk for our babies, probably only 5%; so why do mothers feel this way? What evidence shows is that the leading cause of breast feeding failure is the belief that we don’t have enough milk in that’s contributed to by not having education that tells us not only how milk is made but how to get milk started and how to maintain a good supply. We have to have normal anatomy in physiology in order to have a good milk supply, but the motor that really drives milk supply is the removal of milk. So, if you are not nursing enough, if you are supplementing and not taking milk out of your breast, you're not going to have a milk supply. So mothers kind of miss that piece, and it’s very important to have a class before you have a baby to know who your helpers are and where to go to ask your questions before your baby is ever born. But the second thing that I think that’s really contributing is that people in our culture do not know what babies are really like. And particularly the difference between a formula fed baby and a breastfed baby, and there is information, quite new, that’s really helpful and that is that the variation on how often a baby will feed and how much they take it the breast is incredibly wide. Babies will vary their feed once milk is well established five or six times a day to thirteen times a day. And what dictates that is how much storage capacity a particular mother has, how much stomach capacity the baby has, and how fast that little baby's stomach empties. And it can empty in as much as 40 minutes, 48 minutes, maybe 90 minutes, but as little as 40 minutes. So, Moms needs to know those kinds of things instead of comparing themselves to each other all the time. The third thing, that I think is so important is so many moms thinks that breastfeeding is suppose to be easy and natural. And it really isn’t. It’s a learned skill for many people, and you need to know where your help is and access it until you get it over the hump.