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What did you wish you knew before baby was born?

Posted September 6, 2015 - 8:53pm

Is there anything you wished you had known before labor/birth/postpartum? Do you feel like you were prepared?

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Mommy Ramblings

I don't know being the youngest of 5 and having a ton of nieces and nephews, I was always around babies, toddlers, kids. I babysat all the time for them and so I can't say that I had any huge-"Wish Someone Told Me That" moments. I think it is most profound for people that have not had that kind of exposure. Just my 2 cents on the subject.  


I also had a lot of experience with babies and kids but breastfeeding was another story.  I was not prepared for that!


I wish I had learned more about discipline. I was way too harsh in the beginning. Thank goodness my kids have forgiven me!


Oh, boy.  I'm still trying to figure this one out.  I tend to lean too far to one direction or the other but need to find a good balance!

Your Kid's Table

For me, it would be to not fuss over their sleep. With my oldest and even the second I would run in every time they made a noise. My third goes to sleep completely on his own and always has. It is so much easier!


Yes, sleep was a hard one for me too.  With my first, trying to get him to sleep in his crib and I would end up asleep on his bedroom floor because I didn't want to just let him cry.  It got easier with the next two for sure!


I've been around children always, but one thing I do wish I had listened to more is to rest when the baby does and let others help. I was so exhausted and sleep deprived!!


Accpeting help is a hard one!  You feel like you should say "hey, I got this handled" but really could use a nap!


I just wish I would have slept more before my first was born. Nine and a half years later I'm still tired. 

Lisa Morrison

The biggest problem was sleep, and I wish we would prepere for it faster. We couldnt deal with it. Old-fashioned methods didnt work, my child just cried, woke up all the time etc. I watched tutorials, I read books (but who has time for 200 pages). In the end, I found an ebook by  Susan Urban entitled How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone - short, concise, about the HWL method. There were 4 days out and he seemed to forget about his sleeping problems...


I used the 'how to teach a baby to fall asleep alone' guide by Susan Urban, and it changed our life as parents! It helped us so much. I also think that her guide about breastfeeding prepared me for the difficult role of a breastfeeding mother. Love these short guides :) good luck everybody :)


After applying the HWL method from that guide my son started to sleep in his crib and that's my victory! Nice of you that you shared the link