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What difficulties should I be aware of in the adoption process?

Posted November 19, 2013 - 11:04am

My wife and I are considering adopting for our third, any hiccups or un-obvious difficulties I should be aware of?

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Check out Dr. Brodzinsky.

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I am considering adoption as well. I looked into some of the videos on this website and this one has really helped me.


My best friend recently adopted his son and found the info on this website incredibly helpful.  It's all about having someone to talk to and ask questions. 


The scariest aspect of the adoption process is the possibility of the birth mother changing her mind. A friend of my mine recently went through a heartbreaking journey where he would enter into a relationship with a birth mother, only for her to decide a day before giving birth that she wanted the child. This happened twice, once where he and his wife got to build a relationship and take care of the new born baby for a few days before circumstances changed. Obviously everyone just wants what is best for the baby, but it can be so hard for potential adoptive parents. Go into the process with an open heart, but be guarded. You never know for sure that your adopted baby will officially become a part of your family until the papers are signed after the 30 day period. Good luck!


This is actually exactly what I was going to say too! This actually happened with my own mother a number of times before she was able to have her own kids (me and my twin brother!). Definitely be wary. I have a friend who adopted a baby boy and she found a mentor with a five year old to function as someone she could turn to when she had any questions or doubts! Good luck :)


I have a friend who was a foster-to-adopt adoptive mom. She took care of the baby when it was born to an ill fit mother and they raised the child and were able to adopt her. It was a tense 6 months waiting period while they waited to see if either parent was going to try and regain parental rights. It was a rewarding and positive expeience for them. Good luck to you!

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That would depend on a lot of issues. Are you looking at international adoption? If so before you start looking at pictures or get your heart set on a country take a look at the country requirements. They are very strict for some. China for instance has age requirements and that included the age differnece between you and your spouse as well if you have ever been treated for depression, anxiety or if you are in recovery for any substance or alcohol abuse they will not approve you. You also have to have a BMI that is not obese and more. 

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Wow! I had no idea there were those types of stipulations.


Thanx for the info!


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