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What is your proudest parent moment to date?

Posted September 3, 2015 - 12:48pm

I'm a pediatric OT and have had the privilege of working with many special needs children. They have blessed my life many times over

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I don't know that I can narrow it to just one--I have 6 children, afterall. I can say that my heart is celebrating that my oldest is now almost 26 and quite the human being. It's not that he's my favorite, but more that he is my first child--the one I parented by trial and error (more errors than I care to admit) and here we are, crossing the finish line of his being a "child", and he's such an awesome individual, brother, son, friend, student that I feel he is truly my legacy. I, of course, feel this way about each of my children, but their not as close to the finish line of childhood for me to truly testify that I succeeded in raising them. :)

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That is so awesome! It gives me hope. I hope I am saying the same thing some day!


I have no doubt that your love for your children will. What is your proudest parenting moment? 

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Earlier this summer we were leaving a party that was in the park. It was really hot, it was a long walk to the car, and I had the baby on my hip. He was totally done. As we got back to the car my 3 year old realized he lost this little plastic ring from his cupcake. He was devestated. I knew it was on the ground and we would easily find it. I was thinking of how to explain to him that we weren't going back for it, when his 5 year old brother turned to him and said, "You can have mine." He had been equally excited about the ring. I had never seen him do anything like that before. I thought, maybe I'm doing something right!


I'd say my daughter winning 2nd place in a state essay contest. Showing she can write like her mom & her wedding day. For my son, it was definitely graduating from Job Corps after so many years of cutting high school.

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What great moments!

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I have five kids and could not narrow it down either, there have been so many along the way and many more to come I pray. I would have to say that the way my teenage son handled being diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, his radiation treatment and his life makes me feel very very proud. My daughter graduation with her Masters in an accelerated time frame because she opted to go to college through the winter semester and summer while working full time at a goverment agency that hired her full time before she even graduated was a pretty proud moment too. Seeing my six year old and 8 year old learn to swim today without life jackets was pretty great. I am blessed.

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I can feel the gratitude! So sweet.. the little things and the big ones!


My proudest moment with my daughter was watching her graduate from 8th grade with honors after struggling for years with her dyslexia. For my son, it was when he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 12 and how he handled all the shots by himself and his positive attitude throughout it all.


Some great examples!

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I agree those are definitely moments to be proud of.  With 5, I too struggle to come up with one moment.  I always tell my kids that it makes me proud to have teachers tell me how well behaved they are in school, and how kind they are to others.